The Brave


'The Brave' was written to ask the question; what is our place in the world? Reflecting on Scotland and the idea of identity, The Brave was our debut work and you can watch it for yourself below!


Cameron McNee

Writers : Iona Ramsay & Fraser Scott

Directors: Fraser Scott & Iona Ramsay

1st Assistant Director: Fionnuala McCann

Director of Photography: Hannah Hunter

Editor & Colourist: Joe Helm

Sound Recordist: Eli Henslee


"'I remember sitting in a Starbucks with Iona when the discussion of making something came about. We decided to write something Scottish, and that was our only idea. The Brave quite literally spilled out of us, and to this day has been the easiest thing we have ever written. As our first project together, we couldn't be happier with the success it has received in the past few years"

- Fraser